SilvaKollagen® Gel


SilvaKollagen® Gel, is a natural, safe and effective medical hydrolysate of Collagen with Silver. SilvaKollagen provides an environment that encourages wound healing while protecting the wound bed and its newly formed granulation tissue. SilvaKollagen forms an occlusive gelatinous barrier while inhibiting the growth of microbes that are absorbed into the wound gel. SilvaKollagen reduces pain, soothes and deodorizes, conforms to any wound site, controls the evaporation of fluid, yet is naturally highly absorbent and accelerates tissue remodeling and reduces scarring.

Product Details
005001.5 oz6/case61924-500-15

Manage chronic & acute wounds
Pressure ulcers, (stages III and IV)
Diabetic ulcers
Surgical & traumatic wounds
Venous stasis ulcers
First & second degree burns